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Cordless Curler

As I leaned over to press down while drilling some holes in a board, my long hair slipped into the drill’s vent slots and got caught in the motor. Before I could release the trigger, my head was pulled down tight against the drill. In shock, I  ran into the house to survey the damage. The drill hung heavily above my right ear. I stared into the mirror trying to figure out how to extricate the drill without having to cut off my hair. I was considering a desperate dash to the salon (and the consequences of making a unique fashion statement there) when I remembered that the drill had a reverse switch. I flipped the switch, eased the trigger and gently pulled the drill. It worked! My hair slowly unwound—and aside from a having little extra curl, it looked as good as new. –Janice Hall

Blow in My Ear

My glue bottles have tips that must be pulled up in order to squeeze out the glue. Sometimes they clog up, so it’s become my habit to pull open the tip, hold it close to my ear and listen to hear if air comes out when I squeeze. If I hear the air, I know the tip is clear.

While assembling my latest project, I absentmindedly reached for the glue, which happened to be lying on its side, and raised it according to my habit. You guessed it. I squeezed a blob of glue right into my ear. It took gallons of water, a dozen paper towels and a handful of Q-tips to get it out. I don’t use the blow-in-my-ear method anymore. –Dick Rank

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