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Like most woodworkers, I got interested in the craft because I like producing real things – tangible additions to my environment. That’s also why I got into the book and magazine world. I like the feel of a room that contains books and magazines, and the visible effect printed words have on people’s behaviors and attitudes.

So you might ask: What does a blog post have to do with any of that? The digital world is not the same as the print world – and neither of them (according to many shop-trained woodworkers) has much to do with building furniture or shaping bowls.

woodworkmagcoverHere’s your answer: Read a digital copy of issue 91 of Woodwork magazine. I uploaded a copy to our server. It’s free.

What do you think?

This must be the measure of a really good addition to our community and our craft. Somehow, the editors of Woodwork were able to transfer the feel – the tangibility – of woodworking to the printed page. They did it for a few decades, and they did such a good job of it that today’s PDF still re-creates the effect.

I particularly like the profile of Michelle Holzapfel, and the amazing pictures of her work. The Kenneth Fisher article is also really terrific, in my opinion.

I’m fairly sure we’ll see some comments on this blog post stating that “there is nothing like the real thing.” Maybe that’s true. But I also believe that when you do something really well, most of its quality will come across through different media and through time.

Buy 25 years of that tangibility in our store – the newly released Woodwork magazine collection. I think you’ll find it inspires your real-life woodworking for many years to come.

Please tell us your thoughts in the comments section below.

Dan Farnbach

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  • woodworkjay

    I previously purchased the woodwork compilation dvd covering years 1989-2011.
    will there be an opportunity for those of us who have most of the now discontinued content to fill out the missing issues via some kind of trade-in or upgrade disc?

  • alexmoseley

    Dan, thanks for sharing this. Woodwork was an institution, with a unique voice and vision within the craft. It was the magazine I reached for when I needed to see the craft from a fresh perspective.

    I don’t know if you’ve ever driven I-70 West through Kansas into Colorado, but a new issue of Woodwork was like getting that first glimpse of the Rockies after hours of driving through the plains.

    • Dan Farnbach
      Dan Farnbach

      Not Kansas, but a couple times from Nebraska – which is more or less the same effect! Excellent point.

  • Rick_G

    I’ve bought 5 other DVD multi year compilations and am very happy with all but one. Being in PDF format I can copy the magazine issues to my 10″ tablet and browse them from my favourite easy chair or even at night in bed. I can’t use the search function on the tablet but I don’t use it much even at the computer. I will likely get this one and the popular woodworking DVD over the next couple months as finances allow. I am not happy with the American Woodworker DVD though as they set it up so it has to run in jave and so I can’t read it on my tablet. Might be lots of good stuff there but I’ve hardly looked at it.
    With PDF format and ability to copy the magazines to a 10″ tablet I love it.

    • Dan Farnbach
      Dan Farnbach

      Thanks for supporting the compilation discs. They are really valuable! Regarding the AW compilation problems, I’m told a solution is on the way (including a special solution for folks who bought the Java-based version).

  • mbholden

    I am inveterate reader and will read anything I can get my hands on if it is related to a topic I am interested in. Over the last fifteen years, this is the one magazine that I do NOT miss. Their articles were like putting lipstick on a pig and selling the “oink”.
    Yes, there were some fine articles, even a blind pig finds an acorn now and then, but overall – good riddance.

  • Kevin

    Hi Dan

    With the recent acquisition of American Woodworker, who I think also produced WoodWork Magazine has the WoodWork Magazine been discontinued? Thanks

    • Dan Farnbach
      Dan Farnbach

      Hi Kevin,
      New Track Media (former owners of both American Woodworker and Woodwork) discontinued publication of Woodwork before F+W’s acquisition. F+W is looking at ways to keep the Woodwork brand alive, but currently that does not appear feasible.
      Thanks for your interest!

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