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PopWood Playback #14

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I pulled together five videos this week that I think you’re going to love. We kick it off with Third Coast Craftsman and his copper and barn wood sign. It looks incredible and I think you’ll appreciate the design as well. Next is Shawn Stone’s platform bed, it’s a straightforward design that is approachable by anyone. Handtool Rescue shares about their 200,000 subscriber milestone and an upcoming wrench sale. Wranglerstar is a huge channel that documents the homestead life. In this video, he is preparing to build a bridge from a single log. Finally, we have Paul Jenkins, the WoodKnight. He builds a gorgeous slab, resin-filled table. Great Work!

– David Lyell 

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  • Cdstaley

    Nice job, really cool idea with copper. If you ever had to do it again i would seek out someone with a cnc machine, or a water jet cutter.
    Clifford D. Staley

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