Crown Moulding with Hand Tools

history and crown moulding

I know, I’m getting older and turning into one of those guys who watches the History Channel way too much, but I’ve found that there’s some pretty good woodworking to be learned from history.

Crown moulding is one task that many of us grumble about. It is almost impossible to remember which way to place the moulding in the miter saw to achieve the correct angle. We’re hardly thankful that we’re working with crown moulding that was bought in an 8′ length from the lumberyard – the profile has been shaped, sanded and is ready to go.

But that’s not how it was done hundreds of years ago. Hand tools reigned and while the work was more difficult, I’ll argue that the finished result was well worth the effort. Chad Stanton agrees with me (or I with him), and you’ll learn even more about the topic in the video below. Enjoy!

 – David Thiel