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don weber welsh stick chair

Congratulations to Edward Hopkins – he’s the randomly chosen winner from among all commenters.

This week’s giveaway is the 2-DVD set (or the download version, if the lucky winner prefers) of our recent video “Build a Welsh Stick Chair with Don Weber” (& Friends).

Confession time: I’m one of the “friends”…but I have yet to complete my Welsh stick chair. I’d set aside that week for filming and blocked off my calendar accordingly so as to keep anyone from calling me into a meeting. It didn’t work. And since then, I’ve been too swamped with editing (etc.) during the week, and with my house rehab on the weekends, to get it done. (What can I say…I need a fully functional bathroom more than I need a chair…)

But just about every day, I visit the parts that are sitting atop my bench – I know they’ll look great once I get them all together! And thanks to Don (and what he teaches on this video), I now know a number of ways to saddle a seat with both hand and power tools, and can facet a leg with aplomb. I learned how to make an inexpensive steam box that uses a small propane tank (the kind you typically use for a grill). And Iearned that I should stick with an electric lathe – I did not take naturally to using a pole lathe…but perhaps I just need a bit more practice!

Here’s a little more about the video:

If you’re interested in winning a copy of the 2-DVD set (or the download), enter a comment below by 11:59 p.m. EDT Aug. 14 (Monday). I’ll randomly select a winner from among the commenters on Tuesday morning (Aug. 15).

— Megan Fitzpatrick

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Showing 38 comments
  • mike hamilton

    Count me in!

  • lochridge

    hopefully not to late

  • Shawn Nichols

    Sign me up please.

  • ohlund

    Please enter me for the prize.

  • devintech

    Hoping to win this one. Would love to build one of these beautiful chairs.

  • rjhanby

    Count me in, please!!

  • liamrickerby

    Hope I’m not too late, never made a chair before.

  • AircooledAddict

    Count me in. It would compliment my copy of The Anarchist Design book, nicely!

  • chester54

    I made one of these at chair camp in NC many years ago and would like to try another!

  • Mike Stauss

    Would love to win this! Really enjoyed just standing by and listening to Don at Handworks last May!

  • quietobserver

    A handsome guy, talented students and a beautiful chair–what more could you want?! Except of course the DVD.

  • Don

    I plan to build a set sometime in the next few years and would love the video.

  • Indy Mike

    I am all about free. Sign me up

  • mbbrogan

    This would be a good video and something I’d like to build.

  • auswimkc

    Awesome! Count me in please!

  • terrynjon

    I would like to try this out. Thanks.

  • jeffreyi

    Wow. Give it to wonkothesane, already.

  • themavericktexan



    Yes, please.

  • roccaways

    Good deal!

  • mysticcarver

    I certainly would like one!

  • jkandiko

    Looks like a fun project

  • John Cashman

    Count me in.

  • Edward Hopkins

    I like free things.

  • DaveS2

    Hopefully the lottery daemons will feel chairitable towards me.

  • t.e.curtis

    I’m in. Looks like a fun build.

  • sebastian1974

    Looks to be an enlightening and inspirational dvd

  • wittefish

    What are the odds I’ll win this twice?

  • Riven Joiner

    Looking forward to watching this! Thanks

  • Andy

    I would love to win a copy of this video!

  • forja000

    I would looooooooove to win this!!! 😀

  • pmac

    Wow! Very generous offering. I’ve always wanted to build a chair and this or a Windsor was on my list. I just didn’t know where to start because this is something I know absolutely nothing about and have always wanted to learn.

  • frossm

    Count me in! This has been in my wish list for some time.

  • Christopher Fitch

    I got to see Don work at the WIA in Berea, KY. He’s quite impressive and fun to watch!

  • wonkothesane

    Look, I know that I may not win the video set. I am sure there are many more deserving households for it to go to. But, once you filter out the 34 submissions that Grateful Daed guy is gonna make with fake names, once you remove the James, James Son of James, Jaime offspring of Jim, Rev. James son of James and you can call me MR James duplicates, and after you realize most of the rest are left by Taunton’s just fine publication, I should at least have a chance.

    But, I’m sure, like the “win a Jet Workshop” contest I entered, the prize will go to some other deserving soul. In a totally made up place like “Minnestoa”. As if I didn’t know that was fake. EVERYONE knows that a Minnesota vaccination will give you a disease, and that it isn’t really a place anyone is from!

    But, I shall enter in futility, knowing that somewhere, someone is going to win a set of videos on how to build a chair. I on the other hand, will just start learning to levitate. My rear-endicus will just have to learn to hover over a pile of sticks and hope that they spontaneously construct a chair. It can’t be that hard. I have an instruction manual on flying that says the key is to throw yourself at the ground and miss. Levitation should be easier, I can just skip the throwing myself part and go straight to the missing part.

    I’ll be fine I suppose. I’ll learn to endure, sadly, with no video to watch, no chair making instructions to educate me whilst I drink a fifth of Blanton’s to console myself. I’ll strive to become a better person, perhaps learn to do drugs, and have that be a hobby instead. Or I may simply stand at the dinner table, weeping, softly, at the loss of beauty in this cruel world.

    It may even be better for me that I don’t win. It occurs to me that many of the “winners” are never heard from again. If you’ve read “Making Things Work” you know Hiller is likely responsible for Elvis’s death after he failed to pay for a kitchen remodel. If I were to win, it’s probable the Popular Woodworking van would arrive outside, Chris and Brendan ready to smack me over the head with an octagonal black jack and take me to “talk with the oaks”.

    No. Better I don’t know how to make a stick chair. Surely tis nobler to suffer the slings and arrows of lost contests than to wind up like Yoric.

  • BruceWLove

    Wow. I am the first comment? I hope that doesn’t diminish my chances of winning! Looks a great DVD that I would enjoy.

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