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furniture fundamentals

Thanks for all the great comments! Congratulations to Billy’s Little Bench, the winner of this book giveaway. Stay tuned for more exciting book giveaways and if you’re interested in a copy of “Furniture Fundamentals: Casework,” it is currently available for pre-order. 

When I joined the woodworking team a couple of years ago I found myself thumbing through a couple of our newest books at the time to get the lay of the land. Those two books,“Chairs & Benches” and “Tables,” are part of our Furniture Fundamentals series and cover some of the most commonly built furniture forms while teaching the essential techniques needed for success. Recently we set out to create a third book for the series based on box-based furniture forms.

Popular Woodworking Books’ latest offering, “Furniture Fundamentals: Casework” officially releases in a couple of weeks. It’s a compilation of casework techniques, joinery and projects from the archives of Popular Woodworking Magazine and American Woodworker. It offers insight into casework from carcases to drawers and helps you hone your skills through 9 furniture projects that range from simple wall cabinets to blanket chests to beautiful dressers.

And I have a copy to give away! Simply post a comment and I’ll choose the lucky winner at random (winner will be announced on Wednesday 8/3). Good luck!

—Scott Francis

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  • bhrichards

    Hopefully it’s not too late to enter.

  • tmassey0110

    Kind of new to woodworking but I really enjoy it so far! I love learning how to make furniture! So far its only been chairs, stools, and tables but I’m always ready for a new challenge. I have a lot to learn and a new book would be very welcomed in my little shop!

  • DaveS2

    I’m sure this will be an important supplement to ‘The Sherlock Holmes Handbook’, the “reader’s companion to the casework of Sherlock Holmes”.

  • Dave

    Looks like a good book.

  • Ramblerkoch

    Of all the types of projects I do (or try to do) casework furniture is the most satisfying to me.

  • shubech

    My husband is so great with wood…he can make the most beautiful things! I know he would really appreciate this book. what a great prize!! Thanks so much!

  • Frank Ruggiero

    I always donate woodworking books to local woodworking clubs,and I would do the same with this one after reading it.

  • KC Kevin

    I would very much like to read this book without it effecting my pocketbook.

  • Sheil

    I’d love to add this book to my library!

  • iampapabear

    Count me in!

  • mysandman

    Can’t wait to win it and read every page!

  • Darylla123

    Would be a great addition to my little collection!

  • woodjayk

    I would put this to good use!

  • RunningBear

    Thanks for the chance!

  • horologist

    Include me.


    Book would be a very nice addition to the woodworking library. Thanks for offering it.

  • sawdustjeff

    It appears that this book will improve my casework immensely!

  • David

    Pick me! Please.

  • Tahoefireman

    Oh man, this would be great! Thanks for the change to get some good reading at an awesome price!

  • MarkusT

    Sounds good . Count me in

  • JohnR56

    Trying to start wood working again this book would help

  • dillcar

    This is exactly what I need to help me create cased furniture items for my home and workshop.

  • David Lipscomb

    Scott, looks like an update to “The Joiner and the Cabinet Maker” – good stuff since I use it to teach a hand tool class.

  • josephtjohnson

    I could really, really use this book.

  • Mark Swirt

    New to the craft and can use all the help I can get. Fingers are crossed.

  • MaineMrC

    Retirement after 34 Years as an Industrial Arts Teacher in one Maine high school followed by nine years as a “road warrior” for Apple, Inc and other major technology companys doing Technology/Curriculum Integration workshops nation-wide necessitated building, equipping and moving into many wood shops. “Final” retirement in 2009 created the need for one “final” workshop, however bouts with cancer and hip replacements caused the need for even more workshop changes. However, a doctor’s order in the past year reguired moving from a 3-story townhouse to a single story dwelling (age and two hip replacements) requiring one more new “final” workshop. This is “it”, this time this last shop is nearing completion.
    I seems that winning the new book, along with the purchase of the earlier two books, would be just the impetuous to start me in the right direction in my newest, yet “Final Woodshop”.

  • Jonas Jensen

    I would like to win a book.

  • glabbe

    Ooh, ooh, Mr. Kotter!

  • Pdxpconklin

    I need all the help I can get. Send me a much needed copy please!

  • whiffen619

    I am planning to build a lot of cabinets for my new home. This would be a great help.

  • Tom Cheehy

    Put me in too!

  • dknott

    Please put my name at the TOP of your random list. Thanks!

  • 7-Thumbs

    Would love to checkout this book.

  • Rustyone

    I love the inlay work on the cover.

  • leeh522

    Looks like a nice book.

  • bobbollin

    Sure! Count me in please.

  • grizzlybob

    Wow! Looks like a great book!

  • HarveyD

    I really could have used this last week when making bookshelves. Chairs – No problem. I’m really not set up for casework. Yet.

  • jim childress

    I would to have a copy of the Casework book.

  • jim childress

    I would to have a copy of the Casework book.

  • gcalan

    I would be interested in buying if I could see that there are projects I could handle with my limited skill set.

  • pathman98

    i hope your finger has healed, Detroit misses you

  • tenshotelk

    looks like a great book, like the others. Please consider this my entry to win, thanks

  • mbholden

    Monty!, Monty! Pick me, I’m dressed like a turnip!

  • elithian

    I will read it!☺️

  • shannontroester

    Nothing pithy to say here, just that it looks like an interesting title.

  • Bill Lattanzio

    Nice! Looks like a good book.

  • buoyd

    Looks like a great book.


    Sound like a great book!

  • Geoffrey Bentz

    Looks like a good one!

  • gam2of4

    There is just enough space on the bookshelf for this new addition!

  • vtxmanmike

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Johncg2

    I would also like to have this book. Thanks

  • jimballew

    Sounds like a good book.

  • DoctorJ

    I would like to be entered in this drawing.


  • RLTW

    I would love to have the book! Thanks!!

  • tpobrienjr

    I’d love to have a copy of the book.

  • pmac

    I’m in.

  • wellsy1959

    Count me in!

  • jppierson

    How timely, since I need to build a couple book cases, and a spinet piano desk!

  • peppersdad

    as librarian for the Durham Woodworking Club I can tell you this would be a welcome addition to our club library. check out our site…

  • grasshopper00

    Getting ready to start construction on my new wood shop, would love a copy to get me started!

  • William Tily

    If I could make that inlayed beauty on the cover, I would love this book

  • Elmer

    Case work , I have always been interested in the law. This book sounds interesting 🙂
    Thanks for a chance to win.

  • steel dragon

    This book would be perfect as a beginning woodworker to win

  • Dan Pleska

    I’d love to add this book on casework to my library.

  • TOD

    I would like to be entered in this drawing.

  • Redbat

    Looks like an interesting book, please enter me to win a free copy. Otherwise I may just have to purchase it.

  • cams2705

    I would love to be the recipient of this book!

  • Jim McCoy

    Please include me in the drawing. Thanks.

  • RedneckRev

    I think this would be a good book to give some insights and help hone a person’s woodworking skills.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win a copy. I would like to win, but if I do not, congratulations to the winner!

  • rackjack

    Guess I’m entered.


    I’m hoping this book will demystify building for me. I look forward to reading it. Thank you for your offer

  • Billy's Little Bench

    and enter me . I never heard who won the last one . . .

  • frossm

    Whoo hoo. Count me in.

  • tomwoodworker

    Thanks for the offer, Tom.

  • Jamesj96

    Looks like a great book.

  • Jared

    As a woodworking newbie short on money… sure, I’ll bite. 😀

  • gregworks

    I like woodworking books!

  • tsstahl

    Consider me entered.

  • johnclaus

    Done and done!

  • rwyoung

    “Comment” entered so I can donate my winning copy to the KCWG library.


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