Week One Winners – December to Remember 2017

The first week of December to Remember is over! I have drawn the following winners at random.

Continue to enter throughout the month of December!

December 1: Jim Dunn, Alabama

December 2: Donald Nay, West Virginia

December 3: David Hodgerson, Iowa

December 4: Douglas Slater, Wisconsin

December 5: R. Mark Underwood, Texas

December 6: Eric Webb, Georgia

December 7: Heidi Smith, Michigan

12 thoughts on “Week One Winners – December to Remember 2017

  1. jclittle

    Agreed. Glad to know I wasn’t the only one who was concerned about my entries being received. That said, thanks for continuing the annual contest. I look forward to it all year long!

  2. rmeganck@comcast.net


    Unlike like past contests there is no product info on the daily give away items?
    In the past I would also receive an email confirming my contest entry and the previous day winner?
    Seems like this is a bare bones effort this year.

    1. GlenS

      I agree. However,, I do enjoy the simplicity of entering this year. I always looked forward to opening my email to see who yesterdays winner was too tho.

      I google the products website to help with their wen traffic if I don’t know anything about them or their products. I’ve been enlightened on several occasions what all is out there for woodworkers today.

      Thank You to everybody that is contributing to this contest even tho I’ve never pulled off a win. I am very Thankful for the opportunity & most of all the knowledge I’ve gained from the different sponsors of this contest!!

      Merry CHRISTmas to one and all!!

    2. glowmann

      You can double click the date on the monthly calendar box and get the blurb on the prize for that date. You get immediate confirmation of acceptance of your entry as soon as you click, no separate email required – saves bandwidth. If you don’t get an email that you won, you didn’t – why do you care who won if you didn’t?