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Senco Turns 21

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21LXPLast September the Senco representative stopped by the PWM shop and offices to drop off the new 23-gauge pinners (read Glen D. Huey’s post about it). What we couldn’t tell you then was they also brought a brand new product with them that we got to play with briefly before they whisked it away – the new 21-gauge pinner.

You might ask why Senco would make a 21-gauge pinner when they already have a couple of 23-gauge pinners? The answer is simple; you get many of the advantages of a 23-gauge (almost invisible hole) and similar strength to an 18-gauge pinner. It’s the best of both worlds.

The new 21-gauge pinner will not ship to dealers until sometime in mid-May, but you can try one at the Senco event at Popular Woodworking Magazine on May 7th. To learn more about the event, check out my post from earlier this week by clicking here. PWM is the only place you’ll be able to see and use the new Senco FinishPro 21LXP before it hits the street. Spots at this event are going fast; be sure to sign up today.

—Chuck Bender




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  • gumpbelly

    Ok gonna start some stuff here, and post a totally unsubstantiated rumor, well actually I think I dreamed it last night.

    ALL attendee’s will get a coupon for a free 21 gauge pinner, and a compressor.

    Ok my work is done, I figure by Noonish all spots will be filled 🙂

    • Chuck Bender
      Chuck Bender

      I cannot confirm your unsubstantiated rumor…

      I can say there is some pretty sweet swag and even cooler prizes to be had…and we only have a small number of open slots remaining for the event. Response has been very good. Anyone sitting on the fence should pull the trigger pretty quickly or run the risk of being wait listed.

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