Road Trip to Roy’s!

Tomorrow morning, I’m hopping in my car and driving south to Roy Underhill’s “The Woodwright’s School,” where the view off the back deck of where I feel honored to be staying looks like this (though I suspect it will be slightly less verdant – though no less sylvan – at the moment):














I’m delighted to have a week off to hang out with these two nutty fellows:












Mostly here:



In my official capacity as Chief Helper Monkey in a class Chris Schwarz is teaching on this:




— Megan Fitzpatrick

6 thoughts on “Road Trip to Roy’s!

    1. Steve_OH

      Having grown up in Northern California (SF Bay Area) and now living in southeastern Ohio, I can say that living somewhere that has actual seasons has its advantages and disadvantages. The spring and fall are both fabulous and sometimes even spectacular, but you’re also faced with either cold, snowy and icy winters or hot, humid summers (both, in some places). People go on and on about how the winters in X or summers in Y aren’t really that bad, but that’s only because they’ve never lived in coastal California.

      I also lived in Oklahoma for several years, and while the spring and fall there were also nice, they each lasted only two weeks…


  1. Fred West

    Megan, I am willing to be Assistant Helper Monkey, please, please, please? :o) What a great class and wish I too were going.

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