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End Grain: ‘Put Yer Ass Into It’

A boring task turns into a history lesson. This article originally appeared in the April 2010 issue of Popular Woodworking One day in Williamsburg, a message reached me at the carpenter’s yard [...]

A New Decade of Roy Underhill!

You’d think after 20 years of doing anything it would start to get a little stale. Tell that to Roy Underhill! We recently put together his 21st through 31st seasons in a kit and I’ve got to tell [...]

Roy Underhill’s Antique Shave Horse

As you would expect, Roy Underhill’s shop at the 19th-century mill he and his wife, Jane, call home, is chock-full of interesting vintage tools for all aspects of the woodworking trade. [...]

Woodworking in America by the Numbers

Woodworking in America (WIA) is being held at the Northern Kentucky Convention Center, Oct. 18-20, 2013. There are plenty of reason to register and attend the conference. Many are listed below. [...]

The Woodwright’s Shop Season 10

How To Buy Streaming video — Available at ShopClass.PopularWoodworking.com DVD — Order now on ShopWoodworking.com Learn more about all Roy Underhill episodes here. Episode Guide [...]

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