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Convert Veritas Plow Plane to Beading Plane

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So this is clever (and a nice benefit for customers) – Lee Valley announced today a(nother) use for the Veritas Small Plow Plane; a beading blade kit is now available. That’s cool (I do love a nice bead) – but what’s perhaps more cool is that while the plane has been slightly redesigned to include this capability (and to improve the clamp mechanism on the depth stop), those who already own the plane aren’t left out in the cold.

Lee Valley President Robin Lee said that to get the redesigned depth stop, current owners of the Small Plow Plane need merely ask for it at a Lee Valley store, or add item #05P26.61 to their next order.

To get the upgraded skate that allows for the use of the beading blade, through August 31, 2016, owners can purchase an upgrade kit (#05P5265) for $59, and Lee Valley will send a prepaid shipping box for you to send the body of the plane back to the company for modification (and they’ll replace the depth stop before sending your plane back).

So with this addition, the company’s plow plane can be used to cut grooves, tongues and beads…the “steampunk spork” of the 21st century?

Questions? Call Lee Valley’s customer service line at 800-267-8761 or email

— Megan Fitzpatrick

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