Build It with Dad

BuildWDadI’m excited to announce the release of a fun new book from A.J. Hamler titled “Build It with Dad: Woodworking Fun for the Whole Family” (available both as a paperback and a PDF download). The book is filled with kid-friendly woodworking projects that will help you teach your kids the fundamentals of tool use, shop safety and foster an early love of woodworking.

And I have a copy to give away, free. To enter the drawing simply leave a comment below by Monday, Apr. 6. I’ll announce the winner on Tuesday, Apr. 7.

Build It With Dad

As you can see from the above table of contents (click image to enlarge), the book features 22 projects in all – including a fun fantasy sword, working trebuchet, tabletop foosball, and many other handmade toys, games and gadgets. For a great example, check out this passive speaker project that was previously posted.

Again, simply leave a comment to enter the drawing and I’ll randomly select a winner (and you don’t have to live in the U.S. to win).

Scott Francis

42 thoughts on “Build It with Dad

  1. djolico

    One of my daughters first words was “shop” she’s almost 6 now and is ready for her first project. My son is one and just stares in wonder every time he’s in the shop…may be a little bit before he’s ready.

  2. derek.eder

    Fantastic looking book! I reposted a recent post on the passive speaker to a group of Swedish slöjd teachers and people went wild for it – a few within a day or two posting their newly made passive speakers.

  3. johnret76

    this would be great for me and my 5 year old son. we both can learn a new hobby togther

  4. Joshc1501

    Looks like some great projects, always struggle to find good projects to build with my daughter.


    Just started to work with my grandson in my shop. This would be great for teaching him the basic skills he will need.

  6. jim childress

    Hi Scott & Megan,
    I hope you will include an old Granddad & Grandson, he lives with me. I have seen a few plans, but
    this is a great idea to introduce an author and stay on the top of our list as Pop Wood’s Managing


  7. leeh522

    Perfect for father/son, but also for son/grandson, not to mention father/son/grandson stuff!

  8. matthew-s

    Exactly what I’m looking for! My son and daughter keep asking me if they can build something, but it’s hard to find things that are both interesting to them, and the right complexity. Thanks for publishing this!

  9. DWG5512

    Cool!! My granddaughter is ready for this! She loves to do crafts with Olma, so now something for Olpa!!

  10. flint103

    I have two Granddaughters. The younger one peaks in the shop whenever she visits and has not quite taken the plunge to build something. Hopefully this book will push her over the edge and join Grandpa in the shop.

  11. dzehner2

    My little guy already giggles at the sound of a chisel! His favorite tool is a mallet.

  12. Darylla123

    Looks like a great family idea. Too early to involve my grandkids but lots of nephews and neices.

  13. SLPoetzl

    I would love to work and teach my grandchildren how to build and create with wood. I will rename it, “Woodworking with Poppy”

  14. Semper Paul

    I couldn’t get my daughter out of Woodcraft yesterday – at 2-1/2 she found a rocking horse and became very interested in “Daddy’s store.” Can’t wait to get her in the shop.

  15. Bernard Naish

    Spent all yesterday at my shop with my twin 11 year old Granddaughters. They love learning hand wood work with me. These projects look very suitable.

  16. StevenJ

    What a fun book. Even though I have a good amount of experience in the workshop it would be great for my kids to flick through and choose a project. Projects they dream up on their own usually need bringing back down to earth.

  17. Jim McCoy

    That sounds like fun. I bet both my grandson and granddaughter would enjoy making and playing with a lot of those projects. Definitely count me in.

  18. nightfall

    Looks fun! Hopefully my daughter (who’s name happens to be Gwen) won’t be confused when she builds it with Mom 🙂

      1. brandond03

        I assume Megan’s entry doesn’t enter her in the contest. I see the second Death Star in the background but don’t see that on the Project List. Is that in “Advanced Build it with Dad”, coming next year?

        1. Scott Francis Post author

          Ha. The Death Star in the background was just part of my workspace. I was wondering how many people would notice it. You’re right. We need a wooden Death Star project. Full scale, of course.

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