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Woodworking in America: The Official Slideshow

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Truth is, I barely remember our Woodworking in America conference in Berea, Ky. The whole thing is a blur. And that has nothing , nothing , to do with all the beverages that people thoughtfully brought to me (one bottle of whisky, two cases of Canadian beer and very special bottle of Belgian ale , thanks Blaine).

All of us were working hard to keep the conference running smoothly that we had little time to sit down and listen to all the fantastic instructors we’d assembled there. Thank goodness for all the bloggers who brought their video cameras. I’ve been watching every filmed seminar (except mine, ugh) during the evenings.

If you want a list of links to people who are blogging about their experience in Berea, jump on over to our special page for that event. We’re updating it regularly.

Today I actually got a chance to review the 500 or so photos we took during the conference. Associate editor Drew DePenning has whittled them down (how many photos do you really need to see of Managing Editor Megan Fitzpatrick with a drink in her hand?) and assembled them into a slideshow on Flickr. Jump here to take a look.

It’s an interesting tour of the events of that long weekend, and it made me wish I had been an attendee instead of a staff member. Oh well; maybe next year. At least I have my St. Bernardus as a souvenir.

– Christopher Schwarz

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