A Big Rut for the New Wagon Vise

This weekend I’m installing the Benchcrafted.com wagon vise hardware on my Roubo-style workbench. But before I could pull my old prototype wagon vise hardware off the bench, I had one more [...]

A Few of My Favorite Books

As Turkey Day hits and the retail market gears up for crowds, it’s time for us to add one more cliche to the pile by making our suggestions of shopping options for the woodworking book [...]

F+W Warehouse Book Sale is Back!

If a decade ago you lived in the Cincinnati area, you likely attended the F+W Warehouse sale. At the time, we had a book warehouse on our Evanston property (the old Coca Cola bottling plant), and [...]

Veritas Dovetail Saw in Ebony

If you are among those who are put off by the modern look of the new Veritas dovetail saw, take a look at the photo above. Using the power of Photoshop, Art Director Linda Watts made the bubinga [...]

Roy Underhill Contemplates The Ax

One of the highlights of the Woodworking in America conference in November 2008 was Roy Underhill’s keynote address. Underhill, the hero to many hand-tool woodworkers, touched on a lot of [...]

Going Back to My Old School

When you hear about high school wood shop programs these days, the news is generally sad. Many schools have given up entirely, selling off the equipment and sending the message that there [...]

Veritas Rethinks the Dovetail Saw

This weekend I spent some time working with the new Veritas dovetail saw, which I first picked up at our Woodworking in America conference. The saw has a radical love-it-or-leave-it look that is [...]

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