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Veritas Dovetail Saw in Ebony

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If you are among those who are put off by the modern look of the new Veritas dovetail saw, take a look at the photo above. Using the power of Photoshop, Art Director Linda Watts made the bubinga handle look like ebony.

I think that perhaps some of the aesthetic objection to the tool comes from the transition from handle to spine. It is in an unexpected place. Replacing the handle with ebony (or a black-dyed equivalent) makes the saw look more traditional to my eye.

And the good news is that this would be an easy thing to do: Veritas supplies instructions on making a replacement handle with the saw.

– Christopher Schwarz

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Showing 10 comments
  • Swanz

    This saw has gotten a lot of criticism. I like it, (with the cherry handle).

  • Chris Somers

    Ooops! Linda made the photo edit – not Megan. Sorry Linda!


  • Chris Somers

    Thanks for the visual, Megan! This will be my 1st Western DT saw, too. I’ve been learning w/ Dozukis to-date. How "thick" is the supplied handle (left-to-right, as you grip it)? I have plenty of wenge surfaced at 15/16" and am wondering if that’ll be sufficient for making a new handle.


  • Megan

    I don’t know about "sexy," but in the couple test cuts I made, it sure is easier to start. I’ve been using a Japanese saw for dovetails as I find backsaws far easier with which to start cuts. But I’m going to give this one a try on my next DTs.

  • Rob Porcaro

    OK, now this is getting scary. And if Megan calls the saw sexy, that’s it.


  • Patrick Delaney

    I prefer the bubinga handle, but that’s because it is one of my favorite woods ;o)

  • Mark Salomon

    Much better in black. Now, if they’d only make a more modern soft grip…..

  • Narayan

    If Batman was a handsaw type of guy, this is definitely the saw he’d use. 🙂

  • Larry Marshall

    Thanks for the review, Chris. While I want a Wenzloff DT saw to match my carcass saw, I’m going to order the LV saw tonight. The price point allows one to be a bit more cavalier. I like the news that the LV saw is heavy as I prefer that in a joinery saw. I wonder if the black resin back will take gold paint 🙂

    Cheers — Larry

  • James Watriss

    Cool! Now it looks like my plastic handled Irwin ryoba.

    Where’s the blue button so you can replace the blade, though?

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