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An Old Patternmaker's Vice

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I notice that in The Patternmaker
you have been publishing some notices in regards to a new vise for use
in the pattern shop, and I send you a sketch showing a vise which used
to be quite common in the shop when I was a cub. As you seem to like to
publish the pictures of your principle writers, I have included a sketch
of myself when I was a cub. I am the little fellow in front of the
window. I hope that the good modern vises have displaced this old vice
in other pattern shops as they have in the one in which I served my

— Beeswax, from The Patternmaker, 1904, Cleveland, Ohio

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  • LizPf

    It always bothers me when I see vise misspelled … not the case here!

    [As for that case … dark beer, with hops please.]

  • john

    Looks like Roy at the keg…

  • Greg M

    "This faculty of being able to see things before they exist – and, by the way, this is different from the faculty for seeing imaginary things, which may be acquired by frequent internal applications of the contents of the alcohol jug – this faculty is, I say, one of the necessary qualifications of a good patternmaker." (Pg 28)

    " … if the varnish is mixed with wood alcohol, the patternmaker will suffer, for it is well known that all wood patternmakers subsist almost entirely upon the alcohol furnished by the firm to dilute the varnish, and they dare not drink pyroxylic spirit." (pg 37)

    – F.W. Barrows, Pracatical Pattern-Making (1906)

  • Aric Hartley

    Someone needs to make a t-shirt with this on it.

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