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Book Giveaway: December Mystery Box

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Congratulations to the following winners of our Mystery Box Giveaway: chuck1957, PapaBear302, oldgoalie, waffleiron, mwilt, lpatterson412, alpen, forja000, humanjoe, Dstrbd

Thanks to everyone for all the great comments!

So, I’m looking at the bookshelves in our office library and it’s time to make some room for new stuff. Plus, the holidays are upon us. So I thought it might be fun to do a Mystery Box Giveaway.

Here’s the deal: Post a comment below and we’ll pick 10 lucky winners at random to receive a box full of books and goodies from the Popular Woodworking office. Winners will be announced Monday 12/4/17. Good luck!

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  • JohanGro

    Yes please, count me in. Thanks. This is a great give away and will take woodworking to the next level and help any one to become a Pro and provide tremendous value to everybody.
    I personally got started with woodworking about 2 months ago, and already creating my own projects and did it all thanks to the help of a set of 16,000 woodworking plans that are so easy to follow, literary any one can do it.
    As a supplement to the “mystery box give away ” I’am sure this will provide tremendous value to any one who sees this.
    You can check this out here.

  • Arpan knows

    This book seems cool. But damn i missed the chance…….
    I myself started woodworking few months back……
    and if anyone of you out there missed a chance to get hands on this book then you go through this link….. this will be helpful because it was for me in accomplishing some unique new projects……
    it has got a collection of 16000 wood working plans…..

  • notewell

    Yay books!

  • lochridge

    in please.

  • rjhanby

    Count me in!!!

  • Gene

    Sign me up, please!

  • marko13

    Wow…. New to me books & toys and then when I am done with them…. move them on to the KC Wood Wokers Guild library to share with the other 700 plus members. Sounds like a win-win for me and the guild. If not, that’s cool too because several folks will learn more and share more too…may Fortune smile on everyone!

  • martye

    Nothing better for me than to win a bunch of woodworking books this Christmas. Woohoo 😉

  • Jgaertner0630

    Can’t wait to read some books

  • adritchey

    Merry Christmas Everyone!

  • Todd Somers

    I could use a few more books!

  • edubwin

    I could use some books to help me step up my DIY project game, thanks for the chance!

  • Thomas

    Many thanks for the chance! Merry Christmas!

  • browndy

    A mystery. A box. A contest. Perfect storm.

  • kaw-liga

    Merry Christmas all!

  • mrtrenier

    My turning club would love the new additions.

  • Russellville

    Love mysterious goodies.
    Merry Christmas.

  • Yves73

    I’m in for a nice contest!! Thanks.
    Good luck to all!!

  • jmoore65

    Able was I ere I saw Elba

  • JCarew

    Good luck to all that enter. Who ever gets it, it will be much appreciated.

  • gnuckols

    I’m in–thanks!

  • cosmicread

    I would love to win Mystery Box Giveaway. Thank you for the chance.

  • paulsean

    woodworking books yes enter me

  • David

    Sign me up! Thanks.


    Count me in. They might help me improve my skill set.

  • blake

    Wowsie! Christmas comes early!

  • erikhinkston

    What a great gift idea!, yes please

  • philjohnwilliams

    Oh pick me pick me

  • patdinino

    Insert intelligent post here—–>

  • kc0dxh

    Freeeeee Boooooooks

  • darn

    one out of 100 is not bad


    Grandma said “You can never have too many woodworking books!”

  • tfitton10

    Great contest to give you extra room and give the winners a chance to better their skills and knowledge on woodworking. Thank you for the chance!

  • Dstrbd

    I always enter these Pop Wood contests…. still hoping to win something

  • wlauderb

    I’d love to win.

  • Billy's Little Bench

    always can use more books.

  • rdr753

    I am a woodworker who could use all the help he can get!


  • keithm

    Pick me! Library is feeling lonley

    • keithm


  • kevsc

    Could always learn new things!

  • msweet

    Would love any surprise in a box! It would be “sweet”


    Me too! Me too! I lovecto read…

  • Michael_V

    Awesome sauce! Would love to get a box, count me in!

  • TomHicks

    Count me in also please.

  • Mystic Carver

    Count me in!

  • RLindberry

    I once met a butcher who backed into a meat grinder and got a little behind in his work.

  • Jon Rouleau

    I hope that it is a really really big box that your giving away but I’ll take what ever you have

  • jetjock07

    It’s time to get my read on!!

  • chuck1957

    I am pretty random. I’m in.

  • Tim0951

    Does it come with plans for a bookcase too?

  • stbard

    My sagging bookshelves could support a little more… Thanks.


    I would love a mystery box. Great christmas surprise

  • PapaBear302

    Egt more books, build more bookshelves.

  • spwoodworks

    I love a good mystery!

  • hwwgandolf

    Would love to gain some new knowledge

  • zerhusen

    Who doesn’t love a mystery?

  • MARoss1248

    Today is my birthday, really, it is. This would be a wonderful present!

  • rmason

    Ok, I’m in on this.

  • rycomm

    I’m curious about what the mystery box may contain.

  • Matt Buntyn

    A comment below. [I’ll see myself out]

  • oldgoalie


  • oldgoalie

    Me please!

  • quietobserver

    I love boxes with surprises inside.

  • Muellers

    Send me the good junk!

  • dnickel1901

    Books, Books, Books, I LOVE Books!!!

    Knowledge is power!

    “Outside of a dog, a book is man’s best friend. Inside of a dog it’s too dark to read.”
    ― Groucho Marx

  • waffleiron

    I like this plan.

  • DaveS2

    You can eat some now, you can eat some later
    You can warm ’em back up with your French fried potaters
    Yeah I’m snackin’ all night, it’s all right, all right
    Got an eight piece box

  • GregL

    Cool idea count me in

  • Darrin Schappert

    Good idea! Fun stuff

  • imick

    Woodworking and books, my two favorite things!

  • jmjenk

    Pick me please!

  • Guadfly

    I’d love a chance to win!

  • Robsza

    It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

  • Tofflerfan

    Count me in.

  • rotx

    Yes please.

  • DrMikesFan

    Nice idea. Count me in.

  • woodworkjay

    sure, count me in. if I have it already i’ll pass it on to someone else. thanks.

  • mwilt

    There could be anything in there.
    One entry please.

  • stanley_no_3

    Monsieur Poirot, he loves a good mystery box, n’est ce pas?

  • lpatterson412

    How fun is this!! I love surprises!!!

  • tomwiarda

    I’m in. Thanks

  • ragill

    I’m in. Mystery is a great idea for the holidays!

  • galooticus

    Yes I’m in!

  • unkldonald

    I have a few empty spaces on my Bookshelf.

  • Riven Joiner


  • Jeremy


  • Sean_R

    Why not.

  • sbnathanson

    I’m in!

  • Longfatty

    Just like the comic books. Awesome.

  • C. Stanley Plane

    If you send me this box, I’ll solve the mystery.

  • ohlund

    I’m in!

  • JADobson

    Hurrah for books!

  • dmilnenyc

    Mystery Books!

  • MichaelP78

    Some new books would certainly push me to build that new bookcase my wife has been asking for!

  • jsoltis

    Mystery boxes are awesome! Great giveaway!

  • jqlouie

    Something to share with my students, thank you for sharing too.

  • SidneyM

    Wow. Early Christmas present. Hope it’s for me.

  • bpdean

    Will it include a piece of Megan’s leather skirt?

    • Megan Fitzpatrick
      Megan Fitzpatrick

      It will not. The extra bits are long gone! (It has, however, served well for years as my leg vise liner)

  • jcoleman1511

    Sweet! Something to FINALLY fill in my empty book shelves!

  • josephtjohnson

    Maybe the odd chisel or such hidden inside? Count me in.

  • paint_acrylic

    I like mystery boxes!

  • bowmandk

    It works for, why not here?

  • nemeth100

    Count me in please! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone!!

  • aaronk

    it contains all 6 of schwartz’s bench builders!

  • baermj

    This better not be a new JJ Abrams movie. I do not need any more lens flare.

  • Tal Deus

    Mystery box hype!

  • B Livicker

    Can’t resist books. Thanks!

  • Rexus7

    Count me in. I could use another box to put my old books in.

  • Jonas Jensen

    I would love a mystery box of books.
    Merry Christmas.

  • alpen

    I’m always up for a little mystery. Thanks!

  • pkelley

    Count me in. Please.

  • forja000

    I desperately need more reading material! Me pleaaase! 😉

  • indelicatow

    This sounds very generous, thank you!

  • humanjoe

    Yes please!

  • Dave

    All I want for Christmas is a Popular Woodworking mystery box!

  • Rusty7775

    Yes! Thanks.

  • ledlighter

    Winning this would be a pleasant surprise! Thanks for the opportunity.

  • Willy638

    Yes, please!

  • jsailor

    Sure like mystery boxes.

  • mwwturner

    Count me in.

  • Rick Hansen

    Ok. Me too.

  • Justin Geiman

    Free books? Yes, please.

  • mbholden

    Professor Plum in the Library with the lead pipe?
    Well let me read some more.

  • jeffko

    Great, now I have “Building a Mystery” stuck in my head. Thanks for nothin’, Scott!

  • abonen

    I would love a chance at this!

  • pmac

    Cool. Unknown presents are the most fun to open.

  • ss198

    Mystery Gifts!

  • sirgareth

    That’s a great giveaway! I’m on the Nice list!… really!… welll… there was that one minor incident… and the police were involved… and the fire department… and the Army… and…. and… “I plead Reasonable Doubt!!!”

  • Daver

    Count me in, I love a mystery.

  • Mike

    I’m in!

  • Jim Dee

    I like books! I like stacks of loose photocopied manuals! I like unlabeled CD-ROMs! I like old copies of Wood Magazine with the naughty parts exactoed out!

  • corgimas

    ooo….wood christmas!!!!!

  • wonkothesane

    Schrodinger’s woodworking box. Cool.

  • rongur

    Count me in. Thanks.

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