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I wanted to use my benchtop belt sander as a safe and accurate way to grind my hand tools. By adding a little extension table that is co-planar with the sanding surface, I can use my honing guides to keep everything square and at the right angle. Everyone’s sander is a little different, but a similar setup might even work on a hand-held belt sander in a vise.

I added PSA-backed sandpaper to the insides of the rails to help keep them from shifting when clamped. The L-shaped rails ensure the extension table is co-planar (minus belt sandpaper thickness) with the sander surface. That means your preferred method of setting honing guide angles still holds true. I have used it for a half dozen tool re-grinds and love it!

Chase Hansel,

Melbourne, Florida

sander sharpening platform

Sander sharpening platform.

This article appeared in the August 2018 issue of Popular Woodworking Magazine.

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  • Cornell

    I successfully use a Work Sharp sharpener so I have no doubt this method could be quite effective. How many different grits do you plan to use ? I normally start around 400 and work through 1000, 3600 and 6400 to produce a honed edge.

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