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Nicely-Priced Dado Head

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CMT's new Dado Pro ($149) is a dado head that stacks up pretty well. It does an excellent job in solid woods and works reasonably well in plywood. To produce tearout-free dadoes in plywood with this dado head, you have to feed the material at a slow rate. This limitation is common with dado heads in this price range. The Dado Pro cuts grooves and dadoes from 1/4-in.-wide to 13/16-in.-wide in 1/16-in. increments. It consistently produces dadoes with perfectly flat bottoms. The set includes two rim blades, four 1/8-in. chippers, one 1/16-in. chipper and a set of seven steel shims. Use the shims for “in between” cuts.  Like most dado heads in this price range, the Dado Pro lacks a 3/32-in. chipper, which can be useful for fine-tuning dadoes for plywood. The Dado Pro comes in a durable storage case.  Being able to easily and safely store this dado head will extend its life by preventing the teeth from banging against each other.

CMT U.S.A. (888) 268-2487,, Dado Pro, #230.012.08, $149



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