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Tool: CM10GD Dual-bevel Glide Miter Saw

Manufacturer: Bosch

Bosch does it again, only smaller, with its CM10GD Dual-bevel Glide Miter Saw. Like its big brother (the GCM12SD), this saw has a hinged-arm system that creates a smooth, gliding action when extending the saw for a cut. While the similarities don’t end there, you will find some differences.

On the surface the 10″ version looks identical to the 12″ saw. Both share the same footprint, but the rotating table is smaller on the 10″ tool. This probably won’t impact the overall performance of the tool, but I like the large worksurface on the 12″ model. Occasionally on the CM10GD, with just the right size piece, it’s easy to tip the work during a cut.

One feature from the 12″ version I wish had made it to the smaller is the built-in stock support extensions. You can put the saw on a stand with shop-made stock supports, but it’s nice not to have to take up the extra room.

The 10″ miter saw is powerful and the glide mechanism is smooth and saves shop space. The detents are accurate and, with the addition of the crown and baseboard stops, this saw can do everything the larger version does for around $50 less.

The most compelling argument for the 10″ model is blade compatibility. Most of us have 10″ table saws in our shops. The fact that I can buy readily available (and cheaper) 10″ blades that will work on both my miter and table saws is a huge plus.

Overall, the CM10GD is gutsy, easy to use with a glide mechanism that makes cutting effortless. The size is far less intimidating than the 12″. The CM10GD dual-bevel glide miter saw could easily find a home in my shop.

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