Small Shop Tip: Portable Miter Saw Station

Small Shop Tip: Portable Miter Saw Station

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I just don’t have room in my crowded shop for a permanent miter saw setup. Consequently, I designed this miter saw station to easily knock down when I’m not using it.

I started with an 8-ft. 2×12 that was flat and straight. (A couple of pieces of 3/4-in.-thick plywood glued together would also work.) I routed a groove down the middle of the 2×12 for the metal T-track.Then I screwed my miter saw to a plywood carriage board, which I fastened to the T-track with T-bolts and knobs. This allows me to slide my saw to either end when cutting long boards. I added two sliding support brackets which are also attached with T-bolts and knobs. The brackets support the ends of my boards when I’m sawing. I added a flip-up stop to each bracket so I can make multiple parts of the same length. When I’m not using my miter saw station, I simply remove the saw and stand the 2×12 on end, secured against a wall. The whole setup cost me about $50.

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  • correctut21

    Nice choice of miter saw station. You are right it is always necessary to maintain good safety and holding tool for a miter saw. I always buy my miter saw stand from reputed company that gives me extra confident while I do my job in the saw. Your setup looks pretty reasonable to me.

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