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C-Clamps for Demanding Jobs

In my ongoing quest for finding adequate substitutions for the vanishing North American clamp manufacturers, I recently discovered an exceptionally strong forged steel C-clamp that will surely [...]

A Workholding Renaissance

After years of decline, the industry that makes vises and holdfasts for woodworkers has come roaring back. By Christopher Schwarz Pages 36-40 In my first book, “Workbenches: From [...]

’55 Best Shop-Made Jigs’

Make your workshop a safer and more efficient place to build with this new CD collection of our 55 favorite shop-made jigs, fixtures and appliances culled from the last 12 years of Popular [...]

The Icing on Work Standoffs

Poutine. Ice hockey. The outstanding parking ticket I owe in Montreal. I know I’m going to get spanked for this by our neighbors to the north, but those are the three things that come [...]

Authentic Holdfasts from Peter Ross

The first time I taught at Roy Underhill’s school in Pittsboro, N.C., Roy made sure that I met Peter Ross, a blacksmith who worked at Colonial Williamsburg for 25 years. We all ate dinner at gas [...]


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