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Mechanical Marvels or Steampunk Sporks?

Stanley No. 45 and No. 55 combination planes are put to the test. “This Universal Tool is a PLOW, DADO, RABBET, FILLETSTER, and MATCH PLANE, a BEADING and CENTER BEADING PLANE, a SASH PLANE and a [...]

Roubo Hollows & Rounds

Make these French moulding planes that are essential for every hand-tool kit. Hollows and rounds are making a strong comeback in the hand tool woodworking world. However, many woodworkers are [...]

Interview with Matt Bickford

Trading Wall Street for molding planes. Editor’s note: This interview originally appeared in the October/November 2012 issue of American Woodworker Matt Bickford’s story is quite unusual [...]

Bickford Moulding Planes

Editor’s note: This article was originally published in the December 2010 issue of Popular Woodworking. Vintage moulding planes are tricky beasts. Typically the wood is warped, the irons [...]

How To Make Your Own Bar Rail Molding

Plus 9 useful tips for making any large-profile molding. If adding a bar is on your list of home improvements, you know that its large, contoured front rail is an essential element. Commercially [...]

Mouldings in Real Time

There is a lot of nutty, stupid boasting in our craft. Examples: I can build that highboy in a weekend. I can rip faster than a table saw. I can eat more pies than you. But one of the boasts …

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