3–in–1 Setup Bars

Tool: Precision Router Table Setup Bars Manufacturer: Kreg MSRP: $69.99 Accurate tool setup is half the battle of doing good work. Kreg’s Precision Router Table Setup Bars make the battle a [...]

Kreg Precision Router Table

Tool: Precision Router Table System Manufacturer: Kreg MSRP: $549.00 Some router tables have gotten so complex and expensive that they actually rival a decent shaper. I’ve always preferred simple [...]

Breakdown Bro

Tool: Rip-Cut Circular Saw Guide Manufacturer: Kreg MSRP: $39.99 Breaking down sheet goods into pieces of manageable size is never very easy—unless you’re lucky enough to have a panel saw, [...]

All-Purpose Bench

Tool: Universal Bench Manufacturer: Kreg MSRP: $145+ Every shop needs a bench. In fact, two or three is even better, as you’ll want an assembly table that’s a little lower than your [...]

No-Fuss Locking Clamps

Tool: AutoMaxx clamps Manufacturer: Kreg Price: $24-$29 Are you a pocket-screw fan? If so, you know that locking clamps are extremely handy for holding parts together during assembly. In fact, [...]

Kreg K5

Tool: Kreg K5 Manufacturer: Kreg Price: $129 Pocket hole joinery has been synonymous with the name Kreg for years. Kreg’s jigs have always been affordable and user-friendly. With the new K5 [...]


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