Stacking Bookcases

Make Boxes to fit your books – and your space The typical bookcase is a good example of poor design. We make them that way because that’s the way we’ve always made them; almost every plan you see [...]

Combination Squares

Choosing and using this must-have measuring and layout tool. In 1878, Laroy S. Starrett designed and patented the combination square. His invention was a multi-purpose layout and measuring tool [...]

Caddy for Your Tea, Governor?

Use unconventional techniques to create a traditional tea caddy. England began to import tea about the middle of the 17th century. When first introduced, tea was expensive, so it was a drink [...]

Jasmine Jewelry Box

Simple tools, techniques, and joinery deliver elegant results. It’s the stuff of arguments: Which tools in the shop are really the most important for joinery? It’s almost like arguing the top [...]

Monticello’s Stacking Bookcases

I like to think of Thomas Jefferson’s personal library as America’s first “bookmobile.” When the British burned down the nation’s capitol in 1814, the inferno took with it many of the books owned [...]

Tea Caddy from June 2011 Issue

This is a model of a tea caddy featured in an article in the June 2011 issue of Popular Woodworking Magazine. Project design, construction and SketchUp model by senior editor Glen D. Huey from [...]

Squaring a Combination Square

To go with his story in the June 2011 issue of Popular Woodworking Magazine, Executive Editor Robert W. Lang shot this short video on squaring a combination square. …

Video: Mitered Shoulder Dovetail

When building the Monticello Bookcases for the June 2011 issue of Popular Woodworking Magazine, I used through-dovetails with a mitered shoulder to join the cases. This joint gives a nice [...]

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