How to Make Dovetailed Drawers

Fine furniture calls for an elegant drawer. A master cabinetmaker shares his approach to design and fitting. There are just a few things my partner at Philadelphia Furniture Workshops, Alan [...]

A Drilling Platform for Small Pieces

Drilling small pieces on the drill press can be difficult because most clamps won’t reach to the center of the table. This simple three-piece platform jig solves the problem and ensures a fast [...]

A Puzzling Beginning

How one woodworker got over her fear of dismemberment: more fear. Industrial Technology. That was the name of the course I took in the autumn of 1993. Beats me as to why it was entitled thus, [...]

Low-profile Serving Tray

Off-the-rack moulding and packing tape make this project easy. A shopping trip to the pre-cut moulding section at Lowe’s was the beginning of my tray design. I had a general idea of what I wanted [...]

Can You Stain Cherry Without Blotching?

Some straight talk about cherry and blotching. When I opened my furniture-making and restoration shop in 1976, the woods considered best for high-end furniture were walnut and mahogany. Of [...]

A Hoseline Clothesline

There’s nothing more annoying than a vacuum hose dragging on the bench when you’re working with a router, sander or other power tool. These big hoses always seem to hang up on workpieces and [...]

Online Extras: February 2009 Issue

Online Extras for the February 2009 issue include a slideshow of extra pictures of the Hay Rake Table, the SketchUp 3d model of the Hay Rake Table, and the video, "Throw Away Your Tape Measure."

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