Remembering Garry Knox Bennett

Good Bye Garry I lost a friend and mentor recently, and the woodworking community has lost an icon. Garry Knox Bennett’s accolades are far more than can be mentioned in this article, but I’ll [...]

Out of Bounds: The Art of Croquet

Reimagining the Ball and Mallet [View the virtual gallery here] It wasn’t supposed to turn out quite like this. Out of Bounds: The Art of Croquet, co-curated by Jennifer-Navva Milliken, [...]

A Bit of Art

The past few months have made me thankful for a lot of things. A partner who loves to cook and bake and keep me fed, even when I’m not always upholding my end of the bargain. A partner who knows [...]

Three-legged Occasional Table

Steam-bending or bent laminations can be used to make this eye-catching design. The design of this table is part of a series that I revisit from time to time. The original concept for the series [...]

Interview With Mark Sfirri

Mark Sfirri isn’t just a wood turner—he’s a turning teacher, turning researcher, turning author, turning lecturer and turning exhibit curator and judge. What’s odd about this [...]

Making a Seat At the Table

Make no mistake: This is must-see exhibition. Curated by Laura Mays and Deirdre Visser, Making a Seat at the Table: Women Transform Woodworking showcases a collection of works by 43 artists. From [...]

Woodworking Excellence

Award-winning inspiration from the 2017 competition. Read the article in its entirety. Article: To see all of this year’s entries, go to the entry page here. From the November 2017 issue, [...]

CNC Project Gallery

As CNCs become increasingly common in small woodshops, an amazing variety of work is emerging. This confirms the technical versatility of CNCs, it’s an even greater testimony to the creativity [...]

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