Greene & Greene-inspired Storage Chest

Classic design elements combine to create a new design. Seven years ago I made my first piece of Greene & Greene-style furniture, a coffee table of my own design. It contained several [...]

A Wedge-cutting Jig for the Table Saw

I use lots of wedges in my shop, sometimes as disposable clamp pads for tricky glue-ups or for general shimming chores. Sometimes they’re incorporated into a project, as when making wedged [...]

Customized Clothespin Clamp and Wedge

When working on small projects, I often need to glue odd-shaped mouldings and tiny trim to box sides and other pieces. Not much pressure is required to hold these small pieces in place, and I [...]

Slow Drying Finish Solutions

Why stains and finishes sometimes dry slowly. A friend called with a problem. He had applied an ebony oil stain to oak and after the stain had dried for two days, the polyurethane he then brushed [...]

Sliding Bench-light Block

Having light precisely where you need it at the bench makes it easier to see what you’re doing, especially for jobs such as laying out joinery, cutting dovetails and other detail work. This [...]

Online Extras: April 2008 Issue

Online Extras for the April 2008 issue include additional text and step photos detailing the construction of the hinges, leather strap and ebony pegs for the Greene & Greene-inspired Storage [...]

Lithium-ion Drills

We test more powerful, less weighty designs that are powered by new battery technology. By the Popular Woodworking Staff Pages: 68-72 From the April 2008 issue #168 Buy this issue now In December [...]

Woodworking Essentials: Miter Saws

A Better Way to Work: Part 4 By Marc Adams Pages: 47-54 From the April 2008 issue #168 Buy this issue now Power miter saws, for the most part, are saws of our generation. They were first [...]

Tool Test: Bridge City HP-6v2 Multi-plane

Cut ready-to-finish profiles and joinery with this modern multi-plane. By Christopher Schwarz Page: 32 From the April 2008 issue #168 Buy this issue now When the electric router took control of [...]

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