Longworth Chuck

This jig helps you easily reverse your work for base turning. Properly finished bowls never reveal how the turner mounted them. However, traditional methods for reversing a bowl to turn the base [...]

Easy Bolt Sawing

Over the years, I’ve shortened a fair number of long bolts to some desired size rather than traipsing to the hardware store for just a few of the proper length. Unfortunately, I always [...]

Simple Shaker Shelves

Clear finish updates the look of this classic design. This modified Shaker design, downsized from a set of creamery shelves, is adapted from a Shaker Workshops catalog. To ensure our [...]

Shop-made Pinch Rods

One of the most accurate approaches for checking a case or other assembly for square is to compare the inside diagonal measurements for equidistance. The easiest way to do this is using pinch [...]

Barrister Bookcases

We’ve rethought this classic with techniques so simple even a beginner can do it! By Glen D. Huey Pages: 56-63 From the April 2007 issue #161 Buy this issue now Almost everyone likes the look of [...]

Tool Test: Bosch Router Table

By Robert W. Lang Page: 30 From the April 2007 issue #161 Buy this issue now Benchtop router tables have been around long enough that all the bugs should be worked out of them. This new one from [...]

Tool Test: Blue Spruce Dovetail Chisels

By Christopher Schwarz Page: 30 From the April 2007 issue #161 Buy this issue now Using a garden-variety bevel-edge chisel when dovetailing can be frustrating. The bevels on the side of the tool [...]

Tool Test: Grex 23-gauge Headless Pinner

By Glen D. Huey Page 29 From the April 2007 issue #161 Buy this issue now Twenty-three gauge headless pinners have come a long way in recent years, and we were glad to test the new Grex model [...]

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