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Well Ive been a New Yorker for 5 months now and am officially moving into a place of my own.  I'm renting a 10x16x 20 work space/studio in Greenpoint Brooklyn.  I recently drove 24 hrs straight after a trip home to Lake Martin, AL to pick up my belongings which included clothes, a personal recording studio which I have been adding to for the last 10 years, and truck bed and Uhaul filled with my wood  and metal tools with whatever scrap lumber and metal I had lying around.  I was hit with rain, sleet, snow, and all at the same time which I had never experienced before.  The plan was to move into my newly renovated building which sits on Greenpoint Ave facing Manhattan.  I gotta tell you I love the area-it's technically "The North Brooklyn Industrial Work Zone".  Wood, Metal, and fab shops in every direction.  Well the first good news on the day of my arrival was that the building was behind schedule.  Now this normally wouldn't get me out of shape, but I had thousands of dolars worth of gear, equipment, and personal belongings.  Thankfully my landlords are artist themselves and very resposible taking on a parent type figure to all of their fellow artist and tenants.  They put me up in a space near the loading area for the building which happened to be about 5 times the size of my soon to be home, only upon raising the door we found a waterfall of a leak, no heat, and a smell to run off even the most traveled stray coonhound.  My reaction after driving 24 without sleep at an average speed of 55 mph, "this is fine, it will do, thank you, now just give me the keys and I'll start unloading."Having recently completed work on a small low budge independent feature film in the city, I was out of work, and needed to create something tangible, lucrative, and possessing appeal to  a large demographic.  Heres what I came up with… Wooden cases/enclosures for the apple iphone, that protect the device while maintaining full functionality.  I have been going around the clock building these little things, which have provided great fun and opportunity for creativity.  The hardest part…finding the techniques and processes, as well as materials, that would allow for a profitable business plan.




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