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First Look: No Vibration with Bosch’s New Router

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After we posted the entry about the new Bosch Router Combo (click here to read that entry), a reader asked about the vibration of the tool. Because we had the router in the shop, we decided to pop in there and run a simple test. Below is a short video I think you’ll find interesting.

Also, our reader wanted to know about dust collection when using the plunge base. On this, The Bosch team passed and I agree. Unless you’re using the router for extended periods of time, I don’t see dust collection as that big a deal. Besides, I have issues getting the cord tangled.

And if you have other questions or comments, ask away. You never know when we’ll post a video answer. Enjoy the video.

— Glen D. Huey

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  • dave brown

    Very cool. Thanks for that Glen! =)

  • philjohnwilliams

    Is it just me, or does anybody else think this thing looks like a scaled up version of the Colt?

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