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Granite-Topped Tablesaw

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Just when you think you've seen every possible improvement to a tablesaw, here comes a radical idea from Steel City: a saw with a 2-in.-thick granite top and side extension. Granite?!
Steel City says their granite tops are flatter than cast iron ones and won't warp. They aren't affected by heat, cold or humidity. And they won't rust: good news for those of you living on the coasts. Granite is maintenance-free, according to Steel City, and no more prone to chipping than cast iron. Steel City backs up its granite tops with a 10-year warranty (the rest of the saw has a 5-year warranty.) For innovation, Steel City didn't stop there. This saw has a riving knife, a quick-change blade guard, and a new-style trunnion that travels vertically on dovetailed ways. It's available with a 1-3/4-hp, 120-volt motor (making it one of the few cabinet saws that you can plug into a standard circuit) or a 3-hp, 220-volt motor, and either a 30-in. or 50-in.-wide crosscut capacity.

Steel City Tool Works, (877) 728-6651, 10” Riving Knife Cabinet Saw, 35900G,1-3/4-hp, 30” rails, $1,175; 35905G, 3-hp, 30” rails, $1,275; 35910G, 1-3/4-hp, 50” rails, $1,275; 3591G, 3-hp, 50” rails, $1,375.


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