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Fast Accurate Height Adjustments

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The Angle Wright is a precision instrument that helps you make quick and accurate height adjustments of router bits, jointer knives and table saw blades. Made in the USA of anodized aluminum and steel, it features recessed brass adjustment knobs that allow the tool to be used flat on its side or in an upright position. The height gauge measures up to 3-1/4-in. in 1/32-in. graduations. The zero line ("0") on the slide block acts as a pointer. The micro-adjust knob is calibrated so that one-quarter turn equals 1/128-in. For ultra smooth operation, the slide block is dovetailed into hand-lapped ways in the body. The gauge's steel foot is 1/2-in.-wide, so you don't have to locate top dead center on your saw blade to obtain accurate measurements. Simply position the Angle Wright approximately where the tablesaw's blade reaches it's highest point. Gently rocking the blade as you lower the foot.
Decimal and metric scales are also available in 0.025-in.  and  1-mm. graduations. They both use vernier scales on the slide bar that permit readings to 0.001 inches.

21st Century Scientific, (800) 448-3680,, Angle Wright, $135




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