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Faster Pocket Hole Joinery

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Thanks to the folks at Snappy Tools, pocket hole joinery is easier than ever. Their Pocket Hole Adaptor Set ($20) makes changing from drilling to driving a snap.   
If you're a one-drill-shop, using pocket hole joinery means chucking the drill bit, drilling the holes, removing the bit, chucking the driver, and on and on.  The core of the Snappy system is a collet-style chuck for the 3/8-in. pocket hole drill bit and a quick-change adaptor for the drill.  Simply lock your pocket hole drill bit in the collet and chuck the adaptor in your drill. Then use the adaptor's quick-release collar to swap the drill and driver bits. The Pocket Hole Adaptor set includes the collet-style chuck, quick-change adaptor, and #2 driver.  It does not include the drill bit. 

Snappy Tools, (800) 334-7472,, Pocket Hole Adaptor Set, #42462, $20



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