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Make Louvered Doors and Shutters

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Templates for making louvered doors are unique accessories for the Leigh FMT Jig. They're simple to set up and easy to use. It's hard to imagine a more straightforward way to make the cuts required for louvered doors or shutters. Like all other FMT templates, the Louver Door Guides (left and right, $49.95 per pair) snap into the FMT Jig. Designed for use with a 1/4-in. straight bit, the guides create 1/4-in. by 1-1/4-in. slots at a 45-degree angle.  Each set of three slots is on 3-in. centers, so layout is simple.  Just mark the door stile every three inches and locate that mark under the alignment guide in the FMT Jig. Louvers can be made by rounding the corners on 1/4-in. by 1-1/4-in. stock, or by using the tenoning feature of the FMT jig to mill the ends of thicker stock.

Leigh Industries, (800) 663-8932,, Louver Door Guides, #6701LGP, $49.95/pair



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