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Twin Kitchen Hutches #58

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Now let’s mill the edges of the top shelves. I install a 3/8’’ roundover bit in the router table.



As usual, I proceed with test cuts. If you look closely on the photo you will see that I must readjust the height of the router bit to get rid of this disgracious line on the top.



I make visual tests to establish the width and the length of the upper shelves. According to this photo, the top shelf would be too proud from the moldings. This is a matter of taste. Then, I proceed to make the cut.



Here’s a result that pleases me.



Another sanding session, from 100-grit paper to 500-grit. And yes, I’m wearing my dust mask!



To sand the egges, I install the shelves in the bench vise. Doing so, I can sand the three required sides.



To see the details and photos of all the steps from the begining, click here.






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