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Tool News – Oneida Air Systems Smart Pro Dust Collector

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Oneida Air System’s Smart Pro Dust Collector

Oneida Air System’s new Smart Pro Dust Collector has Smart Air Control Technology, a dust bin level sensor with flashing strobe light, and HEPA filter media with a Flame Guard Arrestor!

Oneida Air Systems patent pending Smart Air Control Technology is designed to optimize dust collection from a wide range of woodworking tools. The Smart Air Control Technology will maximize the air volume for large tools like planers and table saws with 5” and 6” ports then increases the suction for CNC routers, panel saws and hand tools with 4” to 2.5” ports. The highest possible air volume and pressure is delivered to each tool resulting in maximum dust collection at the source. 99% of the waste, even fine sanding dust is pre-separated in the high efficiency cyclone. The 35 gallon metal drum under the cyclone comes with Oneida’s new Dust Sentry, a bin level sensor with a flashing strobe light that signals when the drum is full. Never overfill your dust bin again! Clean air is returned to the shop through GER HEPA (H-12) filter media and the patent pending Flame Guard Arrestor on the filter for added safety.

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