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The Dough BoxPart 4 of 4

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The Dough BoxIn this fourth and final part of The Dough Box, I add the lid and lid trim to complete the model. Than I discuss some of the strange issues surrounding compound angles. Along the way I introduce you to one of my tools I use a lot called Draw Normal. Draw Normal allows you to choose any face followed by a point and it will draw a construction line perpendicular to the face and running through the chosen point. This is useful for figuring out the angles a compound miter cut requires. For those of you interested in the math behind compound miters see my August 15, 2011 issue of Chiefwoodworker’s Newsletter article titled Compound Miters for N-Sided Tapered Boxes.

Another tool I used in the setup for this tutorial is called Face To Face. You won’t see it in action in the video, but it was very handy in the setup. Face To Face is described in detail in my post titled Construction Plus Toolbar Gets A Face Lift.

Both Face To Face and Draw Normal are tools in a suite of tools I call Construction Plus which you can obtain when you download Use the Search tool on my blog for posts that cover the operation and use of each of these tools. The Dough Box completed model can be downloaded for your review and analysis of compound miter joints.

And now it is time to unlock the secrets of compound miters. Projectionist, would you please roll the film.

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