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I make it a point to avoid blogging about sharpening. It is the simplest thing to do that is made confusing by too much talk and too many commercial products.

I honestly do not care how you sharpen your tools. If you can get a zero-radius intersection and then polish the two surfaces, then you are in the club.

This video shows how I do it – start to finish – with a 3/4” A2 chisel, a cheap honing guide and waterstones. The orange stone is #1,000. The purple is #4,000 (I think). The green is #8,000.

Take a look. The whole process (including flattening the stones) takes 2:30 or so. The resulting edge is keen, mirrored and good for chopping out a drawer’s joints in abrasive teak and pine before it will require sharpening again.

I ask you this favor: Do not reply with words in your comments. The only reply is to shoot your own video, post it on YouTube and share the link below.

— Christopher Schwarz


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