Tall Tablesaw Fence






I recently built a project that required a tall vertical fence for my tablesaw. My tablesaw fence lacks a T-slot and I didn’t want to drill holes through it, so I came up with this solution. 


I made my tall fence out of 3/4-in. plywood and assembled it with biscuits, glue and finish nails. I made the fence 12-in. tall and a couple inches longer than the depth of my saw table. The support blocks keep the tall fence rigid and at a 90-degree angle to the tablesaw. The bolt ends of the star knobs screw into 5/16-in. threaded inserts. The 1/4-in. filler strip provides a bearing surface for the bolt to tighten against and keeps the bolt from digging into the plastic face of the main fence. 


I have to remove my blade guard when using this tall fence, so I clamp a board to my tablesaw to shield the blade. I clamp the board so it bears slightly against my workpiece. This way the board guards the blade and keeps my workpiece from wandering away from the fence at the bottom.