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Suspended Outlet

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This is one of my favorite shop upgrades. By adding this suspended outlet over my work area I always have electricity close at hand. It sure beats running an extension cord across the floor and getting my feet tangled in it. This suspended outlet is not difficult to install, but be sure to follow local building codes and use a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI), if required. 


If you have any doubts, hire a licensed electrician. 


The components include:


a metal electrical box 

a box cover with a center knock-out 

a strain-relief cord connector

a section of stranded-wire electrical cord

a cord receptacle. 


All of these parts can be purchased at a home center or hardware store for about $15. If you’re hooking into a 20-amp circuit, use 12-3 stranded-wire electrical cord and a 20-amp-rated plug. If you’re hooking into a 15-amp circuit, use 14-3 stranded-wire electrical cord and a 15-amp-rated plug. I installed my outlet so the plug end is about 6 ft. off the floor so I don’t bump my head on it.







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