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Rout Ellipses with Ease

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Two new jigs from Trend make routing ellipses as easy as routing circles. Actually, these jigs rout circles, too. The Mini Ellipse Jig (shown above) is designed for use with a light-duty plunge router. It allows routing ellipses from 9-in. by 7-in. to 23-in. x 20-1/2-in. Install the pencil plug and you can also use the jig to draw ellipses and circles.
The jig consists of a plate that attaches to the router and a cross frame that attaches to the bottom of the workpiece. A pair of pivot points that slide in the cross frame's perpendicular T-slots connect these two pieces. To determine the size of the ellipse, you simply adjust and lock the pivot points on the router plate. The Ellipse Jig works the same way, but features an aluminum cross frame and trammel rods in lieu of the Mini's router plate. It allows routing ellipses up to 72 in. by 66 in.

Trend Routing Technology,, 270-872-4674, Mini Ellipse Jig, ME/JIG, $149, Ellipse Jig, ELLIPSE J/A, $239.

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