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Perfect Scribe Every Time

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Cabinets and countertops seldom fit perfectly to a wall. The traditional solution involves holding the cabinet in place and using a compass to transfer the wall contours to the cabinet's scribe strip then machining, sanding and filing the profile on the strip. It's a time-consuming battle for perfection. The QuickScribe eliminates all the hassle and imperfection. The QuickScribe is an accessory plate that attaches to several popular offset trim routers, including Bosch, DeWalt and Porter-Cable. The offset bit is centered in a non-marking wheel in the plate. The router's original base plate is then reattached to the QuickScribe. The wheel follows the wall, transferring the exact contours to the edge being cut for a perfect fit without sanding or filing. The ScribeMate and the EuroScriber are accessories designed for specialized jobs such as multi-sided scribes, and frameless, Euro-style scribes. Both tools are used in conjunction with the QuickScribe. The ScribeMate fits on a larger router and is designed to follow a template made with the QuickScribe. The Euroscriber is used to fit Euro-style or frameless cabinets to a wall. The EuroScriber clamps the cabinets' scribe strips exactly one inch from the wall. The QuickScribe is then used to cut the scribe strip to fit the wall.
Visit for great videos on all three products.

QuickScribe,, (402) 965-4360, QuickScribe or ScribeMate, $80; Set of three Euroscribers, $60.


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