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Oops! Murphy’s Laws of Woodworking

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Oops! Murphy's Laws of Woodworking

Murphy’s Law states if anything can go wrong, it will. I’m convinced that

axiom applies to woodworking. Here are several examples I’ve experienced:

By Edwin Hackleman


  • The more expensive the wood, the more you will waste.


  • When you drop a piece with freshly applied glue, it will land glue-side down on a pile of dust and shavings.


  • Every scrap piece will be 1/2 in. short of being useful.


  • During glue-up, nothing lines up as well as it did during the dry fit.


  • Router tear-out always occurs at the worst possible place and time.


  • For every hour you spend woodworking, you spend two hours cleaning up.


  • The phone only rings when you’re gluing or applying finish.


  • You’ll always spot the area you forgot to varnish immediately after cleaning your brush.


  • When you install butt hinges, at least one brass screw will break.


  • A dropped tool always lands where it does the most harm.


  • Staining highlights the grain … and all the blotches, scratches and glue spots.





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