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Oops! Sanding Au Naturel

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Oops! Sanding Au Naturel


I’m so handy, I thought as I flipped over the board I had just sanded without stopping my belt sander. I simply lifted the sander out of the way with one hand and let it drop down to my side. Unfortunately, the rotating belt grabbed my shop apron and gobbled it up until the motor stopped.

Things felt a little tight, but I thought I could extricate myself from the sander by removing the apron. Then I discovered my denim shorts were also caught up in the belt. When I tried to remove my shorts, I found my boxers were also captured in the mess.

Sooo, the only thing I could do was take everything off and go upstairs au naturel. As I sneaked past the living room, my wife looked up from her reading and said “I thought you were sanding, not stripping!” From now on I’ll keep two hands on the belt sander until it stops.

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