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Deck Privacy Screens

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I just completed this last project, mobile privacy screens. Made out of pressure treated wood, they are 53’’-long and 43’’-high. I wanted them to be stable yet light, reason why I built-up the end posts using 2X6 to sandwich the 2X4 rails or crossmembers. The slats are 1X6 that I ripped in two half. By stagging the slats I knew the wind would flow gently through them. The end posts have been capped with stacked squares of 2X8, 2X6 and 2X4. As simple as it can be. I think they look great even if simple to make. The base molding is made out of more 1X6 and the feet out of 2X6 with a 1X6 sole pads.


To cut the arch, I bent a thin stip of wood between the two end posts and drew the curve with a pencil. After cutting all the slats with my jigsaw outfitted with a small tooth blade, I sanded smooth the tops and sharps corners.


Although they look straight forward to build, here are all the tools I used : The tablesaw, miter saw, jigsaw, random orbit sander, router table, hammer, Kreg pocket hole jig, pneumatic stapler, a tape measure, a ruler and a pencil. Of course they could have been made with hand tools like a hand saw, a block plane or a rasp instead of power tools, but I must admit I’m more a tool nut than a tradionallst woodworker.


The screens will be great on the deck for privacy and as wind shields. Since they are portable, they will also be used on the ground, even sometimes to hide the propane gas tank.


Small budget, great project !


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