Own a Piece of The Schwarz

Those of you who follow Editor Christopher Schwarz’s writing on the Woodworking Magazine blog may recall the sad, sad day that Chris was forced to kill off his companion of more than a [...]

How to Scale Furniture

If you have come to this post looking for an easy, no-hard-work method to scale furniture, I’m afraid you’re going to be disappointed. There is no magic bullet. No simple number that [...]

Zero Clearance Dust Port

    Zero clearance inserts are wonderful for eliminating tearout, but unfortunately, they also impede dust collection. To give my collection system an opening to pull sawdust through, I [...]

Tuscan trestle table

I am on my virgin voyage here to AW, so if I make any mistakes, tread lightly. I am an amateur woodworker and I just finished a Tuscan trestle table for a friend's small Italian restaurant, [...]

Adjustable Board Support

  In the good old days, when a woodworker wanted to plane a board’s edge, he’d clamp one end in the bench’s face vise and support the cantilevered end with a free-standing [...]

Make Your Own Dovetail Chisel

As a beginning dovetailer, I had a crappy set of plastic-handled chisels, a newspaperman’s salary and a copy of the Japan Woodworker catalog. All three things conspired to make me [...]

Stickley Arm Chair

Stickley Arm Chair by Seth Keller Click Here to see the matching Stickley dining chair. This arm chair goes with the Stickley dining chairs featured on page 44 of the August/September issue of [...]


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