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Belmont Hill School Summer Program Students’ work part 1

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One of the greatest editions to any activity is having music play in the background; one of the greatest advantages of working with hand tools (as opposed to power tools) is that you can actually listen to music while woodworking. In our summer program classroom we have a Mac connected to speakers. I hooked the Mac to my play-list and ran my collections of song on random shuffle. If you want to listen to my play-list, here is the link:

In our class, she also built a doghouse and carved a dog paw to be fixed to the apex of the house's gable.

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Isabelle loves her little dog. For her Schnauzer she crafted several projects, including a beautiful ceramic leash hanger.

Kelly’s project was a one-drawer box. She learned how to make a
dovetail joint in just a few hours.

Then she made a tail on one piece flanked by two pins on the
other piece and connected the two pieces in a right angle dovetail.

First I gave her a cherry blank to
cut in two.

Once I saw she could make this joint with such great success, she went
on to build her box.





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