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All-Inclusive Slot Cutter Set

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CMT's slot cutter set, $160, provides a complete slot cutting package.  With four arbors, seven cutters, seven bearings, and a handful of shims, this set can create slots with different depths and widths, tongue and groove joints, lock rabbets, and more. The four arbors allow you to stack the cutters in a variety of configurations.   Mount a single cutter and bearing for conventional slot cutting or, using the longer arbor, stack up a number of cutters for making a very wide slot.  Using a countersunk bolt the cutters can be mounted at the end of the arbor to allow undercutting, as you would with a lock rabbet joint. The cutter set includes one 1/16-in., one 1/8-in., one 5/32-in., one 3/16-in., and three 1/4-in. cutters. The four bearings range in size from 3/4-in. to 1-1/4-in diameter and can be used to create slots from 5/16-in. to 9/16-in. deep.

CMT USA, (888) 268-2487,, Slot Cutter Set, #823001, $160



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