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Stainless Steel Sanding Discs

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When I first looked at the Microplane stainless steel sanding discs I thought,  “There's no way that can work.  It'll just tear up the wood.” But now that I've logged lots of hours of sanding with this product, I'm a believer. According to the manufacturer this product will remove wood five times faster than a conventional abrasive, while outlasting it seven times. This helps justify the cost – about $5 per disc, which would buy about three discs of conventional high-quality abrasive.  So, is it worth the investment?  Yes. Although I wasn't able to quantify the manufacturer's claim about the discs cutting wood faster, I would have gone through numerous changes of regular sandpaper in the same length of time that I used a single Microplane disc. The discs are available in 40-, 80-, and 120-grit. On red oak and pine I found the surface left behind by the 120-grit disc slightly rougher than a conventional abrasive. The discs come in 5-in. hook-and-loop, and attach to any standard 5-in. hook-and-loop sanding base. The discs will work with sanders that have through-the-base dust collection.  Microplane discs are designed for raw wood only, not finished surfaces.

Microplane (800) 555-2767,,Stainless Steel Sanding Discs, $9.95 for 2 discs.



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